GeoMax  Total Stations

Zoom90 Series
Dramatically minimise the time of any survey task and boost your performance and accuracy to the maximum.
Zoom35 Pro Series
With the proven accXess10 technology, the Zoom35 Pro features an intelligent distance measurement engine designed for outstanding speed and highest accuracy even on extreme long ranges.
Zoom30 Pro Series
A complete suite of applications including Road design, Area & Volume calculations, and dedicated graphical construction layout enable you to complete your daily tasks efficient and relieable.
Zoom20 accXess Series
Class leading reflectorless measurements: The extra-small EDM footprint and sophisticated signal processing technology ensures a maximum accuracy and speed.
Zoom20 Pro Series
Together with an extra large high-resolution display that features easy-to-use graphical displays that make regular tasks like stake-out easier and more productive than ever before.
Phased out - Zipp20 WinCE Series
Running fully open Windows® CE allows you to operate the field software of your choice onboard the Zipp20 – Open WinCE® Series.
Zipp10 Pro Series
The Zipp10 Pro is your economic choice when price counts as much as performance.
Phased out - Zoom80 Series
Together with the additional incredible features such as 1,000 m reflectorless measurement capability, Navigation light and 1" accuracy, this robotic total station boosts you performance and accuracy all day long - day by day.
Phased out - Zoom30 Series
The new Zoom30 total station is GeoMax's top of the line total station providing outstanding performance.
Phased out - Zoom20 Series
Efficient, Fast, Reliable. The new GeoMax Zoom20 total station delivers exceptional performance and flexibility.
Phased out - Zipp10 Series
The Zipp10 series provides a choice of angular accuracies and distance measurement technology to suit your needs.
Zoom50 Series
When you need high performance on all levels even under most challenging conditions, the GeoMax Zoom50 series is the best choice for you.
Zoom40 Series
Operate it in your way, store it in your way, process it in your way! When field software flexibility counts the GeoMax Zoom40 series is your choice.
Zoom25 Series
If you don`t want to compromise on quality: The GeoMax Zoom25 series is your choice suitable for all standard surveying tasks.

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