Zoom20 accXess Series

Class leading reflectorless measurements: The extra-small EDM footprint and sophisticated signal processing technology ensures a maximum accuracy and speed.

With the proven accXess4 technology, the Zoom20 accXess features an intelligent measurement engine designed for outstanding speed and highest accuracy even under toughest conditions.
We understand that your daily tasks vary greatly, that`s why we`ve created a number of powerful applications, guiding you through every challenge. From setting-up, measuring, staking and checking, you can be certain, that GeoMax "works when you do".

Superior accXess4 EDM

  • Accurate also under difficult situations
  • Fast & Reliable Measurements
  • Pin Size Laser Beam
Easy Connectivity
  • USB memory stick
  • Fast & Easy Data Transfer
  • Plug ’n Play Technology
Built for all Environments
  • Tested and certified to -30°C
  • Dust- & Waterproof
  • Full day operation on one Battery

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