Zone50 Series

Robust and reliable - join the Construction Zone

Featuring a fully automatic as well as an automatic model, the Zone50 Series provides the perfect match for any work site requiring highest precision, outstanding durability and extensive range. A laser that “works when you do!”.

Zone50 FA
The Zone50 FA is a fully automatic dual grade laser with a aluminium-cast housing for withstanding even the harshest conditions. As a fully automatic laser it not only constantly checks but also permanently readjusts the defined grade to ensure highest accuracy and reliability.

Zone50 A
The Zone50 A is an Automatic laser with grade capability. Equipped with the same sturdy aluminium-cast housing and IP class 67 as the Zone50 FA, this laser is built to last on any jobsite under any conditions. With more than 100 m range for the remote and 300 m laser radius, the Zone50 A provides you with a extensive work range.

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