We at GeoMax have chosen the compact and powerful, new Android-powered Z710 rugged tablet to provide you the flexibility to work in nearly any environment.

The perfect companion for the GeoMax XPad software to get the benefit from all the new features integrated in our software- the Z710 has you covered.

  • Compact- Built to house a brilliant 7'' display, the Z710 is with 800g light and small enough to hold with just one hand yet big enough to help you get your job done.

  • Built to Survive- The Z710 was designed from the inside out to be sleek, thin and tough. The Z710 is specifically engineered to be protected against 2m drops, shocks, spills, vibration and more. Equipped with tempered glass and a temperature range of -20°-50°C, the Z710 is ready for whatever you can put it through.

  • Glove-Friendly Touchscreen Display- Using ultra-sensitive multi-touch technology makes the screen respond effortlessly to touch, press, drag and even input from a gloved hand.

  • Sunlight Readable- The LumiBond® technology reduces the layers that can reflect sunlight. Combined with an anti-reflective coating on the surface glass, the Z710 is designed to produce extremely high contrast delivering excellent visibility even in direct sunlight.

  • Dual Cameras- The 5M pixels cameras captures images or video from the field and allow you to use the XPad augmented reality feature to its maximum.

  • Built in GPS, E-compass and 3 a-axis accelerometer- Combined with an E-compass and 3-axis accelerometer, the Z710 is the perfect device for anyone using GPS data in the field

  • Comprehensively Connected- Delivering 3.5G WWAN with both data and voice capabilities, WiFi, bluetooth 2.1 Class 2, as well as antenna pass-through for in-vehicle use; providing faster and more reliable speeds for better data delivery in real time. You can be connected 24/7 wherever you are, allowing you to improve your productivity.

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