X-PAD Construction

X-PAD Construction is the ideal solution for use, in an efficient and productive way, the measuring equipment in all construction activities.

X-PAD Construction, combined with the total station or GPS, allows you to perform the measurement, stakeout and control with simple and functional procedures. With X-PAD, construction company can solve all measuring situations in site in autonomous and independent way, by improving the productivity and reducing costs.


  • Simple and intuitive user interface;
  • High readability of text and commands;
  • Operative via touch screen or physical keyboard;
  • Direct switching from TPS mode to GPS mode and vice versa;
  • Two modes of operation allow any type of operator present at the site to use the software and instrumentation.

Orientation and coordinate system

  • Total station orientation on reference line;
  • Total station orientation on known points (free station);
  • Station elevation from reference point;
  • GPS local coordinate system on reference line;
  • GPS local coordinate system on reference points (site calibration);
  • Load of already define coordinate system for immediate use of GPS;
  • Fast setup of coordinate system to site requirements.


  • Stakeout of points and drawing coordinates;
  • Creation and management of list of points to stakeout;
  • Stakeout of lines, arcs and drawing elements even by offset;
  • Stakeout of sideslopes;
  • Stakeout on vertical facades;
  • Voice guidance;
  • Orientation to North or Sun (GPS);
  • Speed, ease of use and clarity of navigation;
  • Creation of stakeout final report.

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