GGO Version 3

Version 3 builds on the proven performance of GGO and now supports the complete current range of Geomax products.

This allows you to combine and manage your GNSS, Total Station and Level data. GGO version 3 is now also compatible with all 32- and 64-bit Microsoft Windows versions.

GGO is based on an intuitive, graphical interface making it quick to learn and easy to use. All the data is displayed graphically providing a clear overview of your work. By simply selecting any element, the related information can be accessed or edited.

Flexible Import and Export
Data can be transferred directly between Geomax instruments and GGO using the Data Exchange Manager. The flexible ASCII export allows the creation of data files in any format.

Coordinate Transformations
GGO includes a range of tools for defining coordinate systems and to transform coordinates into a local system. Using geiodal models, GNSS measured ellipsiodal heights can be converted to orthometric heights.

GNSS Post Processing
Raw data can be imported into GGO from all types of GNSS sensors. The Post Processing module allows extended user control over the parameters used in the baseline computations. Result reports provide detailed information about the processing procedure and accuracies obtained.

Network Adjustment
The data from various surveying instruments can be combined and adjusted to obtain maximum accuracy and reliability. The Adjustment module can be used with 3D GNSS networks, 2D traverse loops, or 1D level lines. Network adjustment completes your work perfectly.

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